Chapter 8 – Changes in the Family

Mei thought about her fight with Seth, and she felt guilty. She knew she wasn’t the best Mom, and she did love Naomi. She just didn’t want to disappoint Naomi the way she disappointed her parents. She wasn’t ready for a child, or soon to be, children. The responsiblity was really getting to her, but she decided to make a nice breakfast for her and her daughter. Naomi was just waking up when Mei approached her. “Hey, would you like to eat breakfast with me?” She asked.

“Yeah.” Naomi replied, a huge smile beaming on her face. She couldn’t believe her Mom actually wanted to spend time with her. Suddenly though, she felt nervous. What would they talk about? She hadn’t talked to her Mom much, so she didn’t really know how to connect with her.

Mei asked her the traditional and expected questions. Her first question was, “How is school going?”

When her Dad asked, Naomi would nod and not say much. However, she discussed every detail with her Mom. She could hardly believe her Mom was actually sitting across from her and listening attentively.

Even though Mei enjoyed spending time with her daughter, she had to work still. She and Seth could barely afford the bills, so she had to make sure her family was provided for. However, when Naomi went to play with her toys this afternoon, she smiled the entire time. The sense of lonlieness in her heart had been replaced with happiness even if it was only temporary. Naomi didn’t know Mei too well, but she wanted to know her better, and she wanted to be able to talk to her more often. “Don’t get your hopes up.” Naomi warned herself. She was scared that this was just a temporary thing with her Mom, and she didn’t want to expect too much from her. It would hurt even worse if Mei started returning to her old ways.

That afternoon, Mei and Seth ate lunch together, a heavy tension hanging in the air. Mei knew that Seth wouldn’t forgive her as easily as Naomi, if he even forgave her at all. “I talked to Naomi today.” Mei said suddenly, desperate to talk to Seth.

Seth spit out the bite of cereal he was eating. “What?” He asked, shock written on his face.

“I made her breakfast, and we talked about school.” Mei explained further.

“Oh.” Seth responded, attemping to collect himself. “That’s nice.” If Mei hadn’t been watching so closely, she would’ve missed the slight smile that appeared on his face.

“I thought so.” Mei commented. The rest of the lunch was spent in silence, but the tension seemed to have been alleviated a little.

Mei had been on her way to work when she felt sharp pains. “Oh.” She whimpered, knowing exactly what was going on. “I need to get to the hospital.” She managed to waddle out the door and into a cab. Seth was at work, and Naomi was at school. Knowing that the due date was getting closer, Seth had offered to stay home that morning, but Mei turned him down gently, telling him to go to work. They needed the money.

As she sat in the cab however, she almost regretted the decision. “I’ll be okay. It’ll be okay.” She reassured herself and the baby inside her. “I can’t wait to meet you.” She said softly, looking down at her large stomach.

Seth received the call that Mei was in the hospital while he was at work. They had a plan worked out, and he needed to grab a few things for her before he went to the hospital. Frantic he searched desperately through the house before he found the bag with the¬†polka dot print. “Here.” He said as he dashed out of the house, making his way to the hospital.

On his way, he dwelled¬†on his concerns about Mei being a good Mom even though he couldn’t wait to meet his new bundle of joy, and he figured he’d figure out the rest later. He still loved Mei, but he couldn’t stand to see her hurt his daughter. He vowed that he wouldn’t allow her to do the same to their new child, no matter the cost. He was a little relieved that she seemed to be acting better, but he couldn’t count on her acting this way permanently.

When Naomi came home from school, she ran to the nursery to greet her new sibling. She now had a little sister, Audrina. “Hi, Audri.” Naomi cooed, already nicknaming her. “I can’t wait until we can play together.” Naomi talked and played with her sister until dinner time.

Mei came into the nursery, “Alright, Naomi. You do need to do your homework.” She told her firmly.

“Yeah, I know.” Naomi said, sadness in her voice as she said bye to little Audri and left the nursery.

Mei remained for a few moments, and she cuddled her new daughter. Even though she felt like she couldn’t be a good Mom, she wanted to try. Raelynn had been the best Mom, and she wanted to make her Mom proud even if she wasn’t around still.


Chapter 7 – A Lonely Childhood

Soon, it was Naomi’s birthday. Both Mei and Seth had forgotten that it was the day she would become a child, so they were both working hard when Naomi finally aged up. Not knowing quite what to do, Naomi sat on the couch to watch some TV and take her mind off of things. “Is this how my birthday is supposed to be?” She wondered as she stared uncomprehending at the TV screen. “I thought I was supposed to get a party with cake…” She said, disappointed.

Sure Naomi had all the toys she could want and numerous luxuries at her disposal, but all she wanted was her Mom and Dad. They forgot about me, she thought, heartbroken.

Seth felt terrible that he missed his little girl’s birthday. He had been so caught up in his painting he hadn’t realized what day or time it was. Plus, his thoughts were also centered on a wedding between him and Mei. “I’m so sorry.” He apologized profusely to Naomi. “How about I make us something to eat, so we can celebrate?” He suggested.

Naomi’s face lit up at the idea. “Yeah!” She replied, excited. Her heart still felt empty because her Mom wasn’t there, but she appreciated spending the time with her Dad. She also felt a little less forgotten by the time they finished their meal. When they were done, they played tag out in the yard.

They had just finished playing tag, and Seth was about to start dinner when Mei came home. “We need to talk.” She said, grabbing him by the arm and dragging him into the dining room. He sat down at the tabe, confused. He couldn’t help but think that something was wrong. Mei seemed so panicked.

“I’m pregnant.” Mei told him, waiting for his reaction.

“That’s wonderful!” Seth told her. He had thought she was going to call off the wedding, but he was so happy to hear that he would have another child. He was about to stand up and hug her, but she held her hands up.

“Wonderful?!” She nearly screamed. “I don’t even want Naomi, and now I’m going to have another child.” Mei hissed.

Seth was taken aback. Since when didn’t she want Naomi? She was so happy that she was pregnant. It took her a while to come around, but once she did…He thought. “Excuse me?” Was all he could think to say.

“I don’t think it’s right for us to get married right now. We’re going to have a lot on our hands with two kids to feed, let alone having to plan and pay for a wedding.” She continued.

Seth could feel his heart breaking piece by piece. It was terrible she didn’t want the baby that was now growing inside her, but she didn’t want to get married? “I don’t get what brought this on.” He said, completely confused.

“Nothing brought it on. I was never excited that I was pregnant with Naomi. I only put a smile on my face for my Mom and you, but now my Mom’s not here. I don’t want to be a Mom.” She confessed.

“Well, I’m sorry to tell you Mei, but you are.” Seth snapped. “You were never there for Naomi as a baby and all she did was want to celebrate her birthday with you today. But now you don’t even want her? How dare you!” He yelled.

Naomi was in the study playing some games to pass the time when she heard her parents start to raise their voices. “Oh no, they’re arguing.” She thought sadly. Even though the door to the study was closed, she managed to catch tidbits of what they were arguing about. She heard Mei say, “I don’t want to be a Mom.” Naomi hung her head in despair. She felt like such a burden on her parents, and she felt so unwanted.

“They don’t want me.” She said to herself as she felt the tears starting to form in her eyes. “It’s all my fault that they’re arguing.” She was about to go out there and apologize, but she heard a door slammed and decided against the idea.

A minute later, she heard footsteps heading toward the study, and the door opened to reveal her Dad. “Oh, Naomi.” Was all he managed to say. He stareda at the heartbroken look on his daughter’s face and ran over to hug her. “I’m so sorry.” He told her, smoothing her hair as she cried.

The household was tense after the incident the previous day. Unfortunately for the couple, they both had to work in the same room. Seth felt resentment toward Mei ever since they had their conversation. He wanted to fix things with her, but he was also furious with her for hurting their daughter. Mei sat at the computer working away. She had always been a worker-bee, but since the situation at home became worse, she found herself working harder and even longer hours.

This concerned Seth as well. He wanted Mei to stop and take care of herself while she was pregnant. He knew she didn’t want to be a Mom, but he wanted to make sure his child was okay. Once she had the child, he planned on talking to her about their current situation. He decided that he would tell her he would take on the kids so that she wouldn’t have to worry about it. He wanted to make sure they had a stable environment and as long as Mei was there, he knew it wouldn’t happen.

With all the stress in the household, Mei’s pregnancy was having some complications. The hours she was working were wearing her down as well as Seth refusing to sleep in the same bed as her anymore. She had the sinking feeling that as soon as she had this child, they would no longer be together. She was okay with that though, if it meant she didn’t have to care for the kids. She knew she could never be a good Mom, and she didn’t want to pretend like she could. She couldn’t even make her own parents proud, how was she supposed to make her children proud?