Chapter 4 – The Winds of Change

With the news of their new baby, Mei and Seth quickly set to work on creating a nursery. Mei loved the color purple, and Seth loved the color green, so they brought the two together. Mei wanted a special little nook for her little one to read just as Belle had when she was younger. She also made sure her child would have the biggest dollhouse possible and a toychest.

When they were mostly done decorating, Seth helped Mei bring in a second crib. “Why are we getting two again?” He asked her.

“Just in case.” She told him, thinking about the surprise she had been to her parents. Mei knew twins could possibly run in the family, so she wanted to be prepared.

Seth had been living with Mei and Raelynn for a while now, and Raelynn was becoming irritated that she still didn’t know him too well. After finishing the nursery, Seth retired to the study to work on his art and bring in some extra funds for his growing family. Raelynn was becoming lonely in her old age, so she had been on the computer chatting with old friends. She saw an opportunity before her and decided to try to talk to Seth. After all, he was the father of her future grandchild.

“So Seth, do you like it here?” She asked him politely.

“Yeah, it was really nice of you and Mei to let me stay here.” He said warmly. Raelynn grumbled under her breath a little. I didn’t know about it until you had your stuff packed to move in! She thought, but kept quiet. He seems nice enough though, I suppose.

As they talked, Raelynn realized she wanted Mei and Seth to be married. She had a great relationship with Rey, and she wanted that for her little girl too even if she wasn’t so little anymore. Raelynn could see that Seth wasn’t a bad guy, they were just all under some plummy circumstances. She made a note to discuss the topic with Mei later on.

Before Raelynn could get much further in her conversation, she heard Mei scream. “Mom! Seth! The baby’s coming!” She rushed from the computer immediately to her daughter who was already in the nursery. “Ow.” Mei groaned in obvious pain. Raelynn helped her daughter through the labor process as best she could.

Soon, Mei gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. As Raelynn cleaned her granddaughter off and handed her to Mei, she asked “What would you like to call our sweet little one?”

“Naomi.” Mei said. “Yeah, I want to call her Naomi.”

“That’s a beautiful name.” Seth told Mei, wrapping one arm around her and gazing at his new baby girl. “Hi sweetie.”

Mei was exhausted though, so Naomi was handed off to Grandma Raelynn. “Shhh, little one.” Raelynn soothed her granddaughter. “Grandma loves you so much.” She told her, holding Naomi’s tiny head. Raelynn felt her heart swell with love as she rocked her granddaughter back and forth. She loved her just as much as she loved Belle and Mei. Raelynn couldn’t wait to see her grow and do well in school just as she had with her own two daughters.

Once Naomi had fallen asleep and Mei had woken up from a nap, Raelynn met with her downstairs. “Mei, we really need to discuss your relationship with Seth.”

Mei was instantly defensive. “It’s none of your business, Mom.”

“It wasn’t before you brought him into this house with us and Naomi.” Raelynn said cooly. “But now you have a daughter to think about. I think it’s time you and Seth got a little more serious. I mean you like him, and he likes you. I just want Naomi to have what you and Belle had with Rey.” Raelynn explained.

“What? So Naomi can grow up and disappoint her Dad like I did?” Mei snapped.

“What do you mean? You didn’t disappoint Dad.” Raelynn replied taken aback.

Mei was already done with their conversation though, tears forming at the corners of her eyes. She stomped her way back up to her room to hopefully calm herself down. It’s my relationship not hers. Mei thought as she laid down and closed her eyes. She was no where near tired enough to fall asleep again, but she hoped that laying down would be enough to calm her.

After waiting a little bit, Raelynn decided it was best to follow Mei and try to resolve the situation with her daughter. But as she slowly made her way to the stairs she felt a pain in her chest. Her eyes widened in shock as she fell to the ground knowing that the Grim Reaper was knocking on her door. “Mei!” Raelynn screamed as she scrambled to get up. She had to make things right with Mei. “Mei!” Raelynn screamed again.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – The Winds of Change

  1. Oh God, her yelling for Mei at the end got me. The feels! Dx
    At least she got to meet her granddaughter before she went, I guess…*trying to be optimistic and failing horribly*


    • I was really sad when she passed after the first grandchild. I thought “What about future grandchildren?!” And I feel bad for Mei because both her parents died during a not so good point in her relationship with them. 😦


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