Chapter 3 – A Good Feeling

Sure enough, Mei started having morning sickness soon after woohooing with Seth. “Oh no.” She said, thinking about how she would tell him. She was scared it would mess up the relationship they had started with each other. “I like him so much though.” She whined, her stomach twisting from worries rather than morning sickness this time. She knew they hadn’t used protection, but she still held hope that nothing would come of it, and she had swore to herself they would use protection in the future so that she wouldn’t have to worry like this again. Mei wasn’t terribly excited about being pregnant.

Mei invited Seth over to hangout, not informing him that she had something important to share with him. It was only when he arrived at the house that she let him in and said, “We need to talk.” The two sat down at the dining table, Mei with her hands in her lap. Looking down nervously, her eyes fluttered up to Seth. “I’m pregnant.”

She saw the range of emotions flicker across Seth’s face, but the predominant one was shock. “What?!” He screamed. “How did this happen?!”

Mei’s heart sank as she witnessed her worst fear coming true: Seth not taking the news well. As Mei waited, Seth stood up and started to walk away. “I need time to think about this.” He called over his shoulder.

Mei understood he needed some time to process the news, but she couldn’t keep herself from following him. “Seth! Wait!” She called, stopping him in his tracks. “I want you to move in with me.”

Seth gazed into her eyes, feeling his heart starting to melt. Mei continued, “Move in with me. We don’t have to be together if you don’t want, but we can see how things work out.” She pleaded.

Seth continued to stare at her. He did like Mei an awful lot, and they would soon be bringing a baby into the world. After a little more hesitation, Seth finally said, “Alright.” Mei jumped up and down a little at the news, pulling him in for a hug.

That night when Raelynn came home from work, Mei sat her Mom down on the couch. “Mom, I have something to tell you.” She told her.

Raelynn smiled at her daughter sensing that the news was good. “Okay.” She replied waiting for Mei to go on.

“I’m pregnant.” Mei told her, watching carefully to see how Raelynn would react.

“That’s fantastic!” Raelynn squealed, tears forming in her eyes. “I’m so happy for you, sweetie.” She pulled Mei into a tight hug.

“And I’ve asked the father to move in with us.” Mei added.

Raelynn quieted a little at that news. “Oh, okay. I don’t know Seth that well, but I know you’ve mentioned him. It’s good that you two will be doing this together.” Raelynn squared her shoulders. She thought that Mei should be in a committed relationship at least, but she was satisfied for the moment that the pair were moving in together to raise the baby.

The next day, Mei called Belle to invite her over.

Frowning, Mei listened in disappointment to Belle’s news. “I’m sorry, twin. I’m in France right now. What do you need to tell me?”

Mei sighed a little, but she couldn’t wait to tell her sister anyway. “I’m pregnant!” She said, growing more excited about her new baby now that Seth and her Mom had taken the news well.

“Oh my gosh! Awesome!” Belle said happily. “Congrats, sis!”

The twins talked to each other for a while longer, finally having a moment to catch up with each other. Mei missed having her twin at her side, but she was happy living with her Mom and now, Seth.

While Mei was in the kitchen telling Belle her good news, Seth started painting. He didn’t have a career in painting, instead he wanted to be a freelance artist. Over the recent years, he had developed a decent amount of skill, and he wanted to start saving up for his new baby. After all, the house couldn’t be cheap, and baby supplies couldn’t be too cheap either.

Seth enjoyed the atmosphere of the study. It was cozy and the most uniquely shaped room in the house, perfect for getting his creative energy to flow. Plus, Mei’s computer was on the other side, close enough for them to talk to each other while they worked. Seth smiled at the thought of them teasing each other and laughing as they worked side by side. “I think I’ll like it here.” He told himself quietly.

Seth had finished a painting around the time that Mei got off the phone with Belle. The couple retired to the couch together. “So how did it go with Belle?” Seth asked, expecting a great reaction.

“She’s so happy.” Mei told him, a smile on her face. “I am too.” She added.

“Yeah?” Seth replied, a smile growing on his face as well. “Me too.” He pulled her close and the two cuddled on the couch for a while, both lost in their own thoughts before heading to bed for the night.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 3 – A Good Feeling

  1. Yes, yes, yes. Gen 4, here we come! đŸ˜€ So excited to see how the genes play out. As kids, I thought the twins looked like carbon copies of Jordan, but as teens they’re starting to show some of Travis’s traits. I love genetics so much. Ah, legacies. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think genes are my favorite part of the sims, or at least one of them. I just love seeing how the kids turn out especially when I’m really attached to the parents. I think it’s always nice when they’re a good mix ! And either way, I bet the girls are adorable no matter who they take after more! I think legacies are my favorite types of stories lol. I was into 50 foal challenges for a while, but I couldn’t find any finished ones. Hopefully, they’ll bring horses to the sims 4 so that I can finish one (couldn’t in sims 3 since it was so unreliable).


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